Respect Your Partner!

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The worst time to communicate with your partner is when you are not feeling respect for her.  Maybe she just missed the last three “easy” shots.  Perhaps she double faulted on game point.  Or maybe, you aren’t a fan of her attitude.
This is the most important time to stay SILENT.
Don’t speak when you are mad, sad or disappointed.  Her actions are her karma.  Your response is yours.
Playing with a lower level partner (whether spiritually, emotionally or technical skills) is actually a HUGE growth opportunity for YOU!
Can you stay centered?  And continue to play YOUR best?  Will you be patient and kind?  Can you be focused?
Changing others is never the right strategy.  Strengthening our own character is the PATH.
Next time you want to coach, “help”, suggest or influence your partner - remember - unless she has explicitly asked you to - it’s often very unwelcome and it won’t get you the result that you want - to play better and WIN.
Honor her instead - love her unconditionally - and see her confidence, and play, improve magically!

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