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Kind Words

How much does it cost to be sweet? Zero dollars.What impact could your kindness have? Priceless.When I look at the lovely and the bitchy ladies in the tennis world - it very obvious to see the consequences of their behaviors.When you are generous, considerate and thoughtful with your captain, coach and partner - people love you. They want to play with you. They want your on their team. They play better for you. The speak highly of you! And also - you are so much healthier mentally and physically too!Make ❤ your primary goal on the court - and see...

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If you saw all my posts from yesterday you will notice that I had the honor of attending the #desertsmash tournament in Rancho Mirage for a Pro & Hollywood Super Star event - to raise money for children in need.These are people whose time is very valuable - they make thousands of dollars per hour - yet choose to donate their fame, power and influence - as well as their precious day - to be OF SERVICE.Each of us has the ability to GIVE. To our community or the environment of our time - of our money. We all have...

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It's the Season for more LOVE!!!

Although it's always fun to WIN - it is also very fun to just HAVE A GOOD TIME NO MATTER WHAT too!!!  Playing tennis is a privilege - and I have a formula for BLiSS on the courts, it is: TENACITY + GENEROSITY + GRATITUDE = FUN on the tennis court!!! I have made the best memories with my tennis buddies in Austin and Los Angeles - and guess what?  I met the LOVE of my life (my husband Robert) on the court too. Enjoy your match and KEEP IT SWEET!!!  

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