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Bright Red + Black Limited LOVE “O” Skirt

$ 165.00

This LOVE “O” Skirt is named this for two reasons:

1.  The skirt part is cut in ONE piece!  Like a sweet doughnut.  No side seams to weigh down the skirt or add side bulges.  Just one round flow.  It moves so beautifully as you play.

2.  The second “O” is how you FEEL wearing it.  Delicious.  Cool.  Soft.  Light.  Feminine.  Powerful.  Free.  Orgasmic!

The bottom of the skirt is finished with binding - with two needle cover stitch - this makes it look like a piece of art.

My masterpiece.

As with all of my designs - cool machine wash - and it hangs dry super soft - no need to tumble it.  For the busy and elegant tennis woman.

This limited edition collection has a black heart (black rackets) on the red skirt and the red heart (black rackets) on the black skirt.


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