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LOVE Tennis Tote

$ 1,100.00

My fancy tennis lady client is a woman on the go.  She loves playing.  She loves adventure.  And traveling.

She’s a bold and confident woman who appreciates high end items.

This luxurious LOVE Tennis Tote is made from all Vegan materials - not because of anything other than I wanted to use the highest quality, longest lasting and prettiest fabrics.

The black material is actually German engineered and manufactured Porsche upholstery fabric for vintage 1970’s vehicles - and is normally sold to collectors to restore their cars!  It has the highest usage of any fabric - with UV ray and court touching resilience!

Other than gorgeous molded zips and the modern square feet - there are no visible hardware pieces.  I secretly stashed very strong magnets to the flap (on both sides) so it clicks closed or stays open - with no ugliness!

And the pockets - oh the pockets!!!  An insulated one for your cool or hot drink.  A round one for your balls.  An envelope for two rackets.  And that’s just the beginning.....

This forever piece was designed by Adeline and hand crafted in Los Angeles baring the I ❤️ LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER heart logo on the inner pockets (on the red piece and plain grey inside for the grey tote).


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