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Love Love Tennis

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Join our list for our new tennis league called, "LOVE LOVE TENNIS"  a posh tennis society!!!


What:   A tennis league for women over 40 years old in the U.S.A. only.
When Starts in early 2022
Where: At 5-star tennis courts and clubs all over America.

By invitation only.

What's Included:

😘 Bid adieu to the mundane feeling of only playing the same ladies, in the same territory, match after match.  

👋 Say goodBYE to run-down courts, and questionable bathroom facilities, and say HELLO to only high-end courts.
⏰ Forget logistical nightmares of having to fit around tournament times, and being told what time, and what day, you can play 🙄
Instead, join tournaments at your convenience and play anywhere in the country, anytime that suits you 👏 
With LLT, you have total freedom and choice to play ANYWHERE in the USA!  What’s more, you only play one 9 game set with your first partner, then switch with another lady, then a third 🙌
Keep that excitement high, that adrenaline PUMPING, and your skillset burning continuously STRONGER! 💪🔥
👏 Drop the constraints that come with levels.  It was extremely important to me that LLTL be an open, welcoming space, which is why our courts are for ALL levels from 2.5 to 4.5! 
🧢 Ditch the subpar merch that just ends up taking space. LLT is innately connected to my other tennis love: beautifully comfortable, gorgeously fitting attire that takes you from court to cocktails effortlessly 🍹 
    I would love to chat with you if you have any questions 310.701.7171 or e-mail me at