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Tennis Meditation 30 Minutes - I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!

Tennis Meditation 30 Minutes

$ 30.00 $ 60.00

Is this a "Tennis Meditation" or is it "Tennis Medication"?  Use this 30 minutes track, with the voice of Adeline Arjad Cook, to practice improving your mental strength.  

If you struggle with fear, lack of confidence or other negative emotional states during the match then YOU NEED THIS recording.  Just as you practice technical and physical strength and agility - you also need MENTAL power too!

It simply trains your mind to know who it's MASTER is - and allows you to learn to control your thoughts to be of the ones that ONLY SERVE YOU.

Feeling positive and having faith in your partner are not always natural states - they take some effort and control.  

Listen to this before every match - and if possible - every day to relax and gain the power that you need to WIN more matches!