Have Equanimity!

Lessons from the NET 🎾

The other day I got grumpy at my opposing captain putting a 3.5 level woman on line 2 in a 4.0 match and then also putting her BEST player on line 3!

I have no excuse - but I know the reason. I have been having interrupted sleep for the last six weeks - I may be suffering from RLS - I am not sure yet. So my patience has worn thin.

This lack of sleep has caused me to be reactive versus being calm. On (and off the court) it is imperative to have equanimity. Not only for our own peace and happiness - but to preserve the fun and integrity of the game.

The truth is that she didn't do anything that was against the rules - so me getting worked up about it had no value at all. Yes there are many valid reasons why what she did was not ideal - but etiquette and sportsmanship are MY priorities - maybe hers are just to WIN? And if they are - she accomplished her goal. They won two of three lines and the match.

But you know what? I am NOT going to change my lineups and put my strongest on three - because as the captain of this team - I get to use MY ethics and morals to make decisions.
And - I have going to learn to "go with the flow" and allow others to use theirs without getting upset.

After all - not everyone is as fabulous as me (ha ha)!