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Welcome to more LOVE!!!

It was 2009 - I was 50 lbs overweight, unhappy and unhealthy.  And then I found tennis. I have been playing singles and doubles since then in Austin and now in Los Angeles.  I am obsessed!  This wonderful game has helped me lose weight, get fit and healthy, but most importantly make me a better woman!  I have learned so many lessons on the court..........and I have made the best friends of my life.  I even met my sweet husband on the tennis court too!

When I started playing - I could not keep the ball in the court!  I was a USTA 2.5 - a total beginner.  But as I practiced, took lessons, watched instructional videos and read books - I improved to a 3.0 then 3.5 then 4.0 and in 2017 after just 7 years - I was bumped up to a 4.5 level player!!!

My book, I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!! is an inspirational compilation of 77 doubles partners that I LOVE and also how to BE a doubles partner to LOVE!!!

Published by LOVE ALL Media (CHOCbite LLC keeping it sweet) this is an 8.5" x 8.5" hardcover full color book with quotes and insights for 252 pages!!!  A fantastic gift for your favorite tennis partner, coach or captain!!!

We work hard to play well and stay fit - that's why I reward myself with luxurious tennis jewels too!  All of  my products are locally made in Sunny Los Angeles with loads of LOVE for ALL.