Adeline's Story


Literally at the drawing board!

Adeline LOVES tennis. When she started playing in 2008, it was literally LOVE at first try!  Even though she was a beginner, she LOVED everything about tennis. The challenge, the people, the club, and of course the clothes!  At first, she bought luxury brands, but none of them exactly had everything she wanted.  An amazing fit.  VERY soft fabric.  Quick dry.  Modern styling.  Luxury stitching.

In 2017 she decided to make herself a dress, after all, she had taken Home Economics at her boarding school in England, how hard could it be?  Her first creation was the "Monroe" court to cocktails tennis dress, in black.  Named after the iconic movie star, the pattern accentuates the hourglass figure. She made the dress with a flattering scoop neckline, ruching, a ruffle, and the most unique feature was the two ball net pocket on the back.  This became a "show stopper" on the court.  Ladies were inquiring where Adeline got her tennis dress from?  And so began the journey of the ILMDP luxury tennis brand, for women only.

At this point of designing her fine jewels, bags, and apparel, Adeline was already over 45 years old, so the patterns were made specifically to her measurements.  Discerning ladies all over the world fell in love with the brand.

Now, Adeline and her team have her creations in the boutique in Beverly Hills, do events with the Mobile Boutique, and organize tournaments in America and all over the world!

Luxury + Fun + Love = "I ❤️  MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!"