The Perfect Partner?

Lessons from the NET 🎾

Happiness is not about finding "the perfect partner". It is about loving the partner you have!!! Every person has strengths and weaknesses - but if you focus on what they are good at - then you will play in a way that accentuates their qualities - which will give them more confidence which actually increases their abilities and success. This has been my experience.

I have played with over 300 partners in several cities and I have learned that if I appreciate what each one is awesome at - then they not only play better but also have fun!

A couple of weeks ago I saw an opponent rolling her eyes behind her partners back at disappointment - and even though she didn't see it - she could feel it. She played worse and worse. Even though they were a strong team - we won pretty handily - and it could have been a very different result if the woman had thought the words "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!" Believe me - this positive thinking stuff works. It actually helps ME play better too when I am in deep gratitude for my partner.

Next time you play - think of all of the things that your partner does well!!!