Problems Are Not The End!!

A doubles partnership is like any other relationship - at some point there will be hurdles. It may be a disagreement, misunderstanding or hurt feelings. The true test of the friendship and partnership is in the overcoming of the challenge.

What I know to be true for me is that on the other side of the argument lies a deeper and closer bond than before.

But it takes two willing and self knowledgeable people to have an open and clear discussion about what happened. In this vulnerability - we learn more about each other's needs - and then we get to CHOOSE if we want to be kinder and flexible with this new learning of our partners needs.

My husband Robert and I have had two such incidents in matches where there was a lack of understanding of the others point of view. (Not bad as we have played many matches and tournaments together). In any case - after each blow up - there was a loving inquisitive conversation that followed which resulted in the closest bond that I have ever had with a partner.

Problems are not the end - but the beginning of good doubles partnerships. If you want true intimacy - time to dig a little deeper....