Safety First!

It's okay to want to win - and to try to win - but be diligent and intentional about your journey and enjoy your time along the way - so that if you don't get your goal - you don't regret going for it.

Every "get" has a "cost". Whether winning or losing in tennis - my mantra is like the Doctors oath - "first do no harm". I take care of myself physically during the game - so that I don't get hurt - and I have regards and thought for my opponents health and their feelings too.

I make sure all the balls are in safe places. That I don't smash balls right at them. And probably most importantly for me - when I am winning I stay humble and quiet. I don't celebrate their misses. And I make sure to tell them what they did well as we shake hands.

It's so fun learning how to be a better person through this sport.
This is my darling #mylanWTT team at qualifiers. We have lost but we stayed sweet, classy and happy - and those are OUR priorities. All four of us are grateful to just be out here!!!