Lessons from the NET 🎾

This is my husband and his Dad (who taught him to play tennis). Indoor tennis is my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! It's really tough when we come to Chicago because it's me playing against the athletic men! They are tall and fast so my lobs don't work at all! I have to adjust - use more drop shots and angles instead. It really improves my game to be forced to try new things.

I also learn from their tenacity - they get a racket on EVERY BALL! At 73 years old - his Dad still really goes for it! It's an awesome example for me to learn from!

The other thing I notice with the men is that they MOVE IN much sooner in the point - this puts a lot of pressure on to do a low shot in the middle or a hard to reach passing shot - which makes the opponents make more errors!

An awesome time of fun, exercise and GROWING as a player! ❤🎾