Learn From Others

Yesterday I got to play with these darling loves. What I do when I play tennis is LEARN FROM THE OTHER PLAYERS. This is how I continue working on all parts of my game. They all had generous line calls, complimented good shots freely and had smart ball placement - but as far as technique goes this is what I picked up:

1. Marla was very good at recognizing when she could come in and when she could poach - it made her look lightening fast! A reminder for me to watch if the opponent is leaning back or in when she hits - will it be an offensive or defensive shot?

2. Christy won many many many points by getting her first serve in nice and deep to the backhand! A reminder that I need to get out with a bucket of balls and practice my serves!

3. Tanisha whips her backhand hard with a fantastic follow through - this puts a strong spin on the ball. A reminder to be more tenacious with my racket speed and finish!

Over the years I have taken lessons, watched online training AND learned to improve by paying attention to the strengths of others too!!!