Lessons from the NET 🎾

When I first started playing tennis in 2009 - I had a huge list of reasons WHY I SHOULD LOSE!

After all - I hadn’t played before - and I was 35 years old! I was also 195 lbs! And also my genes weren’t good - none of my parents or grandparents or beyond were athletes!

But one day - I had a breakthrough.

Instead of making excuses for losing - arguing for my limitations - I realized that I had the POWER TO CHANGE MY THINKING!!! I looked at other heavy ladies who played very well! I noticed other ladies who started playing at a later age and were good. I saw that many people didn’t have sporty parents but were still winning at tennis!

And then I took time to be present to the attributes that I did have (instead of focusing on the negatives). I realized that I did have a good overhead. And that people wanted to play with me because I was fun. And that I had the power to eat less and lose weight.

Just transforming my thinking and then using the new courageous and positive thoughts to take action actually CHANGED MY EXPERIENCE!

I was open to winning and of course I did! We are so powerful! Just thinking strong thoughts and taking action around them can transform you game!