Lessons from the NET 🎾

The gift that tennis gave me. I shed 50lbs of weight. I replaced my habits of eating large dinners and having drinks with a healthy sport that not only transformed my body - but my mind too!

The court is a macrocosm of life. I was able to use the matches to learn how to be a smarter woman in life too.

As we do one thing - we do everything!

So I would notice my thoughts and actions on the court - a stressful situation - and learn to choose differently.
And as I cleared my crazy in my games - it also made me a happier woman in life too!

Tennis is the biggest gift in my life. I now weigh 150 instead of 195 and have a blissful life too!

I'm connected with the most amazing tennis people - all over the world - clients that are friends - a support system of LOVE!!! Thank you to all of the ladies and gentlemen that stick through the tough times in tennis - push through - and become a better person on the other side!!!