Lessons from the NET 🎾

Keep healthy so that you can play into your 80's!!! That's my priority.

I have two painful bunions that prevented me from playing singles in 2017 and really slowed me down in doubles too. It became a choice of surgery or stop playing tennis.

So on June 5th - I had the first surgery on the left foot.

It's been a little painful but I'm on the road to healing! One the bone is safe and secure - I need to operate on my right foot. Now I'm a little more screwy - ha ha!

By the end of the year - both my feet will be out of pain - and then 2018 will be the year of really becoming an excellent 4.5 doubles player.

It's exciting!!! My Doctor (Dr. Feit) is an incredible Podiatrist - if you have any feet or ankle problems - look him up - offices in Torrance and San Pedro!