Lessons From The NET - Controlling Your Emotions

Our “affect” - that is - our inner emotions and feelings - highly influence our experiences.
The good news is that we can control our emotions - and become more positive and happy. This has been a very important part of increasing my happiness on and off the court.
In fact - I notice that if I am in a great mood - my partner even seems to play better and we win more. I see her qualities and skills so much more clearly. If I’m feeling good I also have a more confident and focused game too - making me more effective as a partner.
But what do I do if I’m just feeling grumpy one day? Well - because I know how important it is to shift that - I had learned some tools to reverse my emotions to a better place.
I try to do something positive in each of my senses.
First I smile - that gets my process started - and I stand a little straighter and higher up. Next I look at something that gives me pleasure - such as a tennis ball! I take a quick smell of the perfume I wear on my wrist. I listen carefully as I open the can. I feel the texture of the yellow fuzzies. My last step is to put something sweet into my mouth - a little candy. By the time I finish these steps - and I’m going out to play - my energy has already shifted to gratitude and happiness.
After all - how lucky I am to get to play tennis!
This in turn gets my partner ready and excited and ensures a better match!
What techniques do you have to improve your mood? (Alcohol doesn’t count!!!!)