Life is a Classroom.

The court is a life classroom - if you allow it to be so. There is so much more to the game of tennis than just improving your strokes or winning the match.

The depth of lessons that I have learned from this wonderful sport are incredible.

When I stay open to these personal growth nuggets - I not only become a better tennis player - but a better woman.

Some examples of these learnings are:

Leaning how to be a great sport.
Being kind to abrasive people.
Facing adversity with grace and dignity.
Being committed - not giving up.
Calming my mind when it’s bouncing.
Distracting myself from physical pain.
Being courageous when scared.
Staying calm and focused when nervous.
Being thoughtful and considerate to my partner.
Forgiving myself and others for errors.

As we do one thing - is how we do everything. The court is a concentrated version of my entire life - where I - if I’m committed to it - practice life skills.

In the 10 years I have been playing - and going up from the 2.5 level to the 4.5 level - I owe so much to this game.


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