My Clients Are My Models

Being a small Los Angeles Woman owned businesses that produces VERY exclusive tennis apparel - I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER doesn’t use models!

The ladies you see wearing the designs are ALL either: - the designer Adeline Arjad Cook or - clients of the brand!

Take a look at this new Leopard Print Sandra Dee - on Adeline (dark hair) while in her Beverly Hills boutique, and the gorgeous blond is our Swedish client Marie who splits her tennis between her homes in San Francisco and Palm Desert.

One of the most important missions to our designer and CEO Adeline is to keep her collections: - soft - sexy - unique She doesn’t want tennis ladies over the world wearing the SAME patterns, prints and colors all of the time. Often ILMDP only make 10 pieces TOTAL in a print!

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Just 8 Sandra Dee dresses 👗 made in the Leopard 🐆 print - catch yours now! MEOW!