My Favorite Tennis Racket

Well I was having trouble with my wrist and tennis elbow and a pro told me to get a bigger grip and heavier racket.
That worsened the issue!
What I realized was that we are ALL unique.
Even though I’m a USTA 4.5 lady - my partners ALL play very differently. They have varying figures, shots and attitudes too. No two alike! So our health is a very personal thing too.
For me - going lighter and smaller on the grip solved my ails!
If you are local to Beverly Hills you can use my demo to see if it works for you.
The huge 115 square inch head and under 9oz weight is an ideal combo for power and spin (for me).
If you are far away I can mail you the racket for $20 and you just mail it back when you have finished testing it.
I also string my rackets with 19 gauge and at 44 lbs.
If you want to chat about tennis call me at (310) 701-7171
If you want to buy one of my two favorite rackets purchase them here:
All pre-strung and ready to play!
Purchase includes my logo vibration dampener, grip topper and heart painted on the strings too!