The Tennis Sisterhood of

At I Love My Doubles Partner, 
LOVE is at the core of everything we do.

We are a Beverly Hills-based tennis apparel and accessories boutique – but we are also much more than that.

We’re a unique sisterhood of women tennis players who want to show up on the court and:

* Look cute

* Have fun

* Be competitive

(More or less in that order.)

Tennis Dress Luxury Court To Cocktails Made In America USA

The I Love My Doubles Partner lifestyle is about more than the game on the court. It’s about the game inside each player. 

What each of us brings to the court is as important as whether we win or lose the game.

Even the most famous and accomplished tennis pros know that they have to master their mental game.

When you feel great, you play great (whether you win or lose). Period.

So at ILMDP we focus on helping you look and feel AMAZING – while you’re enjoying all of the benefits tennis brings to your life! (AND keep your balls DRY too)!

Dry Tennis Balls In Your Little Black Tennis Dress Court To Cocktails Luxury

Our philosophy is: 

Luxury + Tennis + Love = I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER

Stylish, discerning ladies the world over have fallen in LOVE with the brand.

You too can join the I Love My Doubles Partner tennis tribe - call Adeline to talk tennis at 310.701.7171 - or email her at - shop on or make a private styling appointment in the Beverly Hills Boutique: Tenni Love, or have a virtual shopping appointment.