Turks Tennis Tournament May 2021

We have completed our first international ILMDP tournament and the winner is Holly Culhane!  Our unique format allows all tennis lovers over 40 years old to compete at any level for a chance to win.  On the finals court we had two 3.0 women, one 4.0 and one 4.5.  It was close, but Holly took the gold!

When you play in our events, you don't sign up with a partner, instead we give you a new partner every 9 games.  In the one day tournaments you play three 9 game sets in the morning and three in the afternoon with 6 different partners.

The successful "I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!" players are able to get the best out of each partner as well as play to their opponents weaknesses.  

Your tournament entry always includes tennis outfit shopping money so whatever the game result - at least you looked cute!

If you want to join us for a tournament - contact Adeline for more information at 310.701.7171