Turn Your Pain Into Love!!


We’ve all had some negative experiences with a partner, captain or opponent.
Some for me have been VERY painful!

I used to spend a lot of time ruminating on these memories. Asking WHY? Wanting to understand their motivation. Feeling a deep loss of friendship. Grieving the misunderstanding.

Or if I made a mistake - an error with my words or behavior - I would apologize to the victim - but then I would replay that also - over and over - causing myself great damage!

Now - I have a NEW PROCESS.
If someone has hurt me - I forgive them. I realize that they did the best they could at that time - and that I can choose to LOVE them and send them well wishes anyway. And if it was me that pained someone - I also send LOVE to myself. Knowing that my heart is loving and pure and that I didn’t mean to cause any injury to another.

This practice of allowing the experience to pass through - with a warm feeling of forgiveness - actually makes me feel tingly and happy.
I now trust that we are all learning and growing - and just simply have gratitude for getting to play!

I learn lesson - grow - and have a positive attitude about it all.

Life is too short to stay in pain! Practice LOVE!!!