Welcome to more LOVE....on AND off the tennis court

 Welcome to more LOVE....on AND off the tennis court!

When Adeline (pronounced the French way add-ah-LEAN) started playing tennis at the age of 35 - she just couldn't find the perfect tennis dress.  Either they were too small for her hips and chest or too big on her waist.  Also the designs seemed to be created for a younger lady too. 

At school in England she had sewn a few things and thought, "I will just make myself a tennis dress!"  This was her first creation - the Court to Cocktails dress named "The Monroe". 

It took two years to find the ideal fabric.  Something that didn't "pill", or fade, or lose it's shape.  A material that stretched for her 10lbs monthly weight changes.

And then the most important part - the tennis balls!  She didn't want them on her thigh - it was wet there!  Anyway it ruined the line of the dress too.

So her unique "dry ball" net pocket was born.  It keeps both balls nestled behind, dry, and in view - easy to reach.  The net fabric is stretchy and allows the fluff to just fly away.

When she wore this new creation on the court - her tennis friends asked her for one.  She made one, two, three, four and then decided it was time to make her line.

First of tennis dresses, then skirts and tops, then bags and jewels too.

Every piece is made by her team in Los Angeles.  Each piece is made for comfort, class and longevity.  For the luxury tennis lady.



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