Luxury Tennis Bags, Jewels and Court to Cocktails Dresses all made in Downtown Los Angeles.
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Welcome to more LOVE!!! (on AND off the tennis court)

The year was 2009 - I was 50 lbs overweight, unhappy and unhealthy.  

And then I found tennis.

I have been playing doubles since then - first in Austin and now in Los Angeles. It's safe to say that I am obsessed!  

This wonderful game has helped me lose weight, get fit and healthy, but most importantly has made me a better woman!  I have learned so many lessons on the court..........and I have made the best friends of my life.  I even met my sweet husband on the tennis court too!

(this photo was taken ON our wedding day where we competed in the Michael Chang tournament in 2015 right after saying our vows)!

When I started playing - I could not keep the ball in the court!  I was a USTA 2.5 - a total beginner.  But as I practiced, took lessons, watched instructional videos and read books - I improved to a 3.0 then 3.5 then 4.0 and in 2017 after just 7 years - I was bumped up to a 4.5 level player!!!

Not only am I playing the best tennis of my life - but I have a great life - full of love and fun!

My book, I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER is an inspirational compilation of 77 doubles partners that I LOVE and also how to BE a doubles partner to LOVE!!!  By reading my book (and writing notes inside) we can all learn from all of these awesome partners and learn to be a better partner too.

The beginning of the book has a spot to write all that YOU love about YOUR partner so it's a fantastic gift for your favorite tennis partner, coach or captain!!!  We all love to hear about our positive tennis skills right?  It's a feel good fully illustrated tennis book with high quality paper to allow for notes to be taken (lessons learned from your coach, your partner or even from your last match)!

We work hard to play well and stay fit - that's why I reward myself with luxurious tennis jewels and beautiful dresses too!  All of  my products are locally made in Sunny Los Angeles with LOADS OF LOVE!!!

This is my sexy Monroe dress - with the exclusive "dry ball" tennis net pocket - because who really enjoys putting those tennis balls on our sweaty leg???  My tennis dress collection is called "court to cocktails" - because you can literally win your match and look perfect for your post win martini!

All four of my dress styles are available for team purchases with custom colors and embroidery too (like burgundy, dusty pink, camo green or turquoise and others too). 

All of the jewelry on this site is custom designed by me - solid Gold or Sterling - and hand made in Los Angeles.  A perfect tennis lovers forever piece!

For more about me - hop over to the introduction to the about Adeline page.  And feel free to contact me for any custom or team orders.