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International Tennis Tournaments for Empowerment

Turks and Caicos!

If you LOVE women's doubles tennis, and you are OVER 40 years old, then you are going to love the I LOVE MY DOUBLES PARTNER tournaments and trips. The magic ingredients that we add to tennis are funlove, and recognition. There is music, and shopping but what is most unique is the tournament style. 

About our one-day state stide tournaments:
  • Fact 1 Full day sanctioned tournament
  • Fact 2 Max 30 players - bring your doubles partner along or get matched with one
  • Fact 3 Welcome and closing reception
About our international tournaments:
  • Fact 1 - 4 days in an exclusive resort
  • Fact 2 - 2 Full days USTA sanctioned  
  • Fact 3 - Welcome packaged with ILMDP apparel and swag
Disclaimer - All travel accommodations managed by ILMPD. etc. 
Whether a one-day tournament in the U.S.A., or a trip offshore for a week, join us for a one of a kind tennis tournaments.

Contact Adeline to learn more.