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Super Shiny Black Tennis LOVE “O” Skirt

$ 220.00

This is our limited edition Shiny Black Pleather Tennis LOVE “O” Skirt!

Each Skirt is hand cut in ONE PIECE with no side seams!  It flows as you twirl on the court.  (And we LOVE receiving “slow motion” videos of our clients doing the #tennistwirl on Instagram @ilovemydoublespartner)

This piece has a silky soft and quick drying black waistband, shorties and binding to match.

We make these in very small quantities - by design.

Unique.  Luxurious.  Comfortable.  Cool.  Fun.

(As for sizing - if you have a 35” hips this will easily fit in XS, 37” easily in S and 39” easily in M).  If you want a snug fit - go down a size!  I designed these to be very light and smooth - so it’s roomy!

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