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Crushed Black Velvet + Soft Black Scarf Vest (Reversible)

$ 200.00

Soft, light and smooth the gorgeous reversible Scarf Vest is elegant and feminine to warm up in.

Designer Adeline (the designer and CEO) doesn’t like her armpits to be touched by fabric whilst warming up.  Keep your arms and shoulders covered - look cute - and have the freedom to move freely in this piece.

This design wraps around your neck as a scarf OR you can slip your hands in as a shoulder covering like a vest!

This are ONE SIZE fits most - a GREAT gift to give any tennis lover!

This reversible piece is Crushed Black Velvet on one side and Solid Soft Black on the other with Heart on Black cuffs.

There are two colors of cuffs for this piece - one is Red Heart + White Rackets and one is Red Heart + Black Rackets - both on black background.

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