Luxury Tennis Jewelry & Dresses designed by Adeline. Hand crafted in Los Angeles.
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The Monroe Court-To-Cocktails Tennis Dress

$ 250.00

It's time for a new kind of tennis dress.  One that is comfortable, functional AND sexy.  A dress to make you look and play your best. Designed by Adeline and handmade in Downtown Los Angeles.

Introducing The Monroe -- the court-to-cocktails tennis dress that takes you from a victory in your match straight to the celebratory libations afterwards.

With its sexy curves, this soft dress pays homage to Marilyn's signature style, the one that seduced multiple generations.  The Monroe accentuates your feminine body, instilling confidence in your game, on + off the court.

Beckon that feeling; visualize sporting this unique design, with it's exclusive dry net pocket in the back - as you are wrapped in silky and luxurious fabric.

And it's machine washable too - just hang her to dry.  Available in any color you want - as long as it's black or white!

 (12 other colors available for whole team purchases minimum 10 dresses)

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