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Lessons from the net: Self Coaching

doubles Doubles Partner inspiring Self Coaching

I hear people self coaching : "watch the ball", "turn your shoulders", "step into your shots", but for me - I play MUCH better when I am just being with the ball, court and game. If my mind stops thinking and allows my body to do what it knows to - then I slide into the flow of the game aka "the zone". This can be tricky in doubles because my partner affects my mood too - and that why I wrote the book "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!"- to help us be inspiring and kind to our partner on...

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Lessons from the Net: Would you like your Doubles Partner to play better?

Doubles Partner

Would you like your Doubles Partner to play better? To make less mistakes? To be more relaxed? To have more confidence? To make more winners? My advice to you: be MORE LOVING!!! Be KIND!!! Be COMPLIMENTARY!!! FORGIVE easily!!! Have a great ATTITUDE!!! Be GRATEFUL that they are playing with you!!! Focus on their ATTRIBUTES!!! And watch the results!!! People play much better when they feel respected.And buy them my book "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!" currently available only at

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