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What's Important for You?

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Be clear about your goals from tennis - and take decided action towards them. By prioritizing what's important to you - and taking small consistent steps towards them - you will derive the MOST pleasure from this sport - and build confidence that will help you OFF the court too.I wear my beautiful hand jewel and necklace as a reminder that I made a commitment to fun - so that as I get off track - it serves as an immediate (and luxurious) nudge to recommit to pleasure!!! Pictured here are yellow gold pieces with a diamond ball. Available at...

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Lessons from the NET 🎾:

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- be prepared for your match or practice!!!- be early!!!- have your head on the court!!!- make sure that your bag has all that you need!!!#tennisbag #beprepared #bepresent Here's what I keep in mine:New balls. 2 rackets. Arnica. Water. Emergencee. Advil. Towel. Lip balm. Sunscreen. Powder. Band aid. Neospoprin. Alcohol wipe. Gas ex. Cash. And I have a cute tennis bag tag with my name and phone # available at

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