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What's Your Recipe for Success?

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What’s your service preparation system? Do you bounce three times? Or have a mental mantra? Or count your breath?Whatever you choose as your pattern - you ought to have one - I believe it’s best to use something - anything.Having a reliable and repeatable structure helps to calm to nerves and focus. It aligns the mind and body. It’s a recipe for success.It’s a trigger for playing your best.It really doesn’t matter WHAT you do - it’s just about being consistently delicious committed to it!!! __________________________________ #playmoretennis #winmorematches #adin #advantagein #womensdoubles #ladiesdoubles #tennisdress #dryballs #madeinlosangeles #♥️🎾

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❤️ Lessons from the NET 🎾

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Stay focused on the things that are under your control. Your partner will be whoever they are. The weather will be what it is. The spectators will be them. The opponents are going to be their own way. The court it what it is.But...your THOUGHTS, WORDS and ACTIONS are 100% YOURS!!! Choose consciously and carefully!!! It's all about having FUN!

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