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Lessons from the NET ­čÄż

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Compliment freely! Today my partner and I played a tough team and at the end of the match one of the ladies complimented our game and sportsmanship too. Even though they lost - they kept classy and sweet.All four of us left the court feeling good - and that was awesome!Pictured here:dinos.platidesLove this

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Lessons from the NET ­čÄż: What's your INTENTION?

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Before you speak to your partner or your opponents - take a breath and a moment to take responsibility for how it's going to land. Is what you are going to say kind? Useful? Honoring? Necessary? Positive?Someone once said, "Don't speak unless you can improve upon the silence." That moment to consider if it's necessary to open your mouth may be the difference that you need to have better matches!Love my gold and diamond hand jewel? Head over to see my collection of tennis items!And for yoga inspired jewels look at

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