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Don't forget to HAVE FUN!

Doubles Partner game Tennis tennis team

Don't forget to HAVE FUN! That seems obvious right? It's a game after all. Our hobby. A time to de-stress and enjoy.

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Find Something To Love

Doubles Partner Tennis tennis dress tennis team

  I had someone ask me, "What if I don't ❤️ my doubles partner?" That's a valid question. Here's is my challenge to you - is it not possible to FIND SOMETHING TO ❤️ about them? Wouldn't you like people to recognize and reward your attributes and efforts instead of focusing on your deficiencies? At whatever level that you play - your partners will have some wonderful qualities and some annoying habits too - the question is - do you want to be happy? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to be kind? Do you want to...

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Have Equanimity!

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Lessons from the NET 🎾 The other day I got grumpy at my opposing captain putting a 3.5 level woman on line 2 in a 4.0 match and then also putting her BEST player on line 3!I have no excuse - but I know the reason. I have been having interrupted sleep for the last six weeks - I may be suffering from RLS - I am not sure yet. So my patience has worn thin.This lack of sleep has caused me to be reactive versus being calm. On (and off the court) it is imperative to have equanimity. Not...

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