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Be gracious!!!

  Lessons from the NET 🎾 I am at sectionals right now in Orange County displaying my I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER gear. It's fun being here watching all of the #USTA players competing.I have been watching several finals matches and I am so happy to see the wonderful sportsmanship on the court.Whoever the runners up are - I hope that they can find it in their heart to be genuinely pleased for their opponents going to nationals.It's definitely good to try hard and compete - but also have joy for another's win too!!!

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Be Open!

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Lessons from the NET 🎾 When you are vulnerable, authentic and OPEN - other people mirror you. I met the MOST incredible women this weekend. And we shared some intense deep conversations - ones that I will cherish for the rest of my life - and that we're only available to me as a result of unconditional love. It's the same on the court - when I stay present and kind - it's a fun experience to play tennis. This sport is teaching me all I need to know about life.

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Be Kind to YOURSELF!

Lessons from the NET 🎾 BE KIND TO YOURSELF!!! Yesterday my team "I ❤️ MY DOUBLES PARTNER!!!" played our last USTA match (and won the season woo hoo). Our opponents were very sweet to us, great etiquette and sportsmanship. They both were very good players too!!!! The only thing was that one of them was very hard in herself. And the more that she told herself off for missing a serve into the net - the more she hit her serve in the net.I saw that every time she was mean to herself - she made more mistakes! It was...

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Lessons from the NET 🎾 I have so much more fun on the court when I am anchored in gratitude. Now when my partner or opponent is doing something that is annoying - I remind myself that I am so lucky to get to play tennis - and that what they are doing can only affect my happiness if I permit it to.You see - it's not really what THEY are doing that is upsetting to me - it's how I AM INTERPRETING their behavior or words or tone of voice. Even if they are being overtly rude - they...

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Find Something to LOVE!

Lessons from the NET 🎾 I had someone ask me, "What if I don't ❤️ my doubles partner?" That's a valid question. Here's is my challenge to you - is it not possible to FIND SOMETHING TO ❤️ about them? Wouldn't you like people to recognize and reward your attributes and efforts instead of focusing on your deficiencies? At whatever level that you play - your partners will have some wonderful qualities and some annoying habits too - the question is - do you want to be happy? Do you want to have fun? Do you want to be kind?...

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