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Lessons from the NET 🎾:

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When I started playing tennis at the age of 35 in 2009 - as a total beginner - I was quite a "taker". It was all about what I needed and wanted. I wanted my partner to behave how I wanted them to.But as I progressed I realized that it was more fun to be a "giver". To think of my partner's needs. To be in service to my partner.And as I shifted to a more kind and loving partner - the more I won too!!!

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Lessons from the NET 🎾

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When I first started playing tennis in 2009 - I had a huge list of reasons WHY I SHOULD LOSE!After all - I hadn’t played before - and I was 35 years old! I was also 195 lbs! And also my genes weren’t good - none of my parents or grandparents or beyond were athletes!But one day - I had a breakthrough.Instead of making excuses for losing - arguing for my limitations - I realized that I had the POWER TO CHANGE MY THINKING!!! I looked at other heavy ladies who played very well! I noticed other ladies who started...

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